Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks
Keyawna Herndon

Greystone Star Marker University Education & Commissioning Preparation

The Greystone Preparatory School Program serves to prepare candidates for nomination, appointment and success at one of the five U.S Federal Service Academies.

On behalf of the entire Greystone family – the Staff, our Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, Greystone volunteers, Greystone parents, Greystone Alumni, University of the Ozarks Faculty and Staff, and most importantly, the current Greystone Class – I would like to welcome you to the official Greystone website.

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Candidate Weekend (April 27-29):

For those who are interested in spending more time with the team, we offer a Greystone Candidate Weekend. This is an opportunity to experience first-hand the life of a Greystone student. 

The Candidate Weekend begins on Thursday evening at 1800 (6PM) when candidates arrive on the University of the Ozarks campus.  After a brief check-in, candidates are paired with their Greystone student mentor, who will act as their running mate by taking them to all scheduled events and activities.  

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Class of 2023 Statistics as of 03 April 2023:

  • 80% of our team has EARNED at least two appointments!
  • 100% of our team are Free Agents.
  • 100% of our team have earned their academy nominations.
  • 100% of our team have earned multiple nominations.


All that Greystone provides is included in the normal university tuition and fees.
of Greystone graduates earn a scholarship leading to a commission
"This program changed my life. I went somebody with a poor high school record to earning an appointment at USMMA. This place built me from the ground up and provided the foundation I needed to excel.
Wyatt Smith
Class of 2020

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